Learning Experience Platform and eLearning contents for LMS

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Offer an engaging learning experience to your talents, using the latest tools and functionalities to create, propose and manage your own contents, but also have access to a library of more than 300.000 integrated elearning contents.

Create your own contents with our integrated authoring tool in a single platform.
Designing all your training courses, whether face-to-face, distance learning, or blended learning.

Before your start designing, identify the strategic actors who will be involved in the project. Your internal resources are crucial, but other stakeholders can help too:
- External trainers
- Training organisations
- Learning experts

Take the time to build your training modules :
- Micro Learning
- Rapid Learning
- Blended Learning

Organise your training projects according to your audience
Design tailor-made training paths, linking different modules and/or activities triggered by a combination of conditions.


With myskillcamp you design engaging learning experiences that drive engagement, increase skill acquisition, and encourage knowledge sharing, in either our platform or in yours - all with the help of our 300,000 professional online courses.