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JiGSO Listen is an employee listening and team dynamics platform that uses data science and academic research to help your company flourish by giving your teams the insights and tools to build a culture of cohesion and psychological safety.

JiGSO Listen is much more than a pulse. The ASK - ANALYSE - ACT flow installs a feedback loop that ensures continuous listening and learning.
ASK - Using solid and scientifically validated questionnaires, we measure your team pulse.
ANALYSE – By instantly sharing and analysing the results, teams receive insight into their strengths, weaknesses and challenges.
ACT – These insights are translated into concrete recommendations for both team managers and members.

Jigso People Analytics


JiGSO is an AI powered people analytics solution, offering predictive insights on hiring success, productivity and employee retention.


Categories: Analytics & reporting (incl. Compliance) Employee Scheduling/Planning Core HR / HCM / HRIS



JiGSO offers workforce intelligence for bottom line impact.
The JiGSO people analytics solution crunches your HR and business data and gives predictive insights on how to hire smarter, increase productivity and retain critical talents.
Our AI engine uses proven algorithms to build an accurate picture of your workforce and instantly provide you with actionable insights. Our planning module allows you to significantly increase your employee productivity.
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