Actonomy xMP Semantic Mind

Description solution

Actonomy xMP provides a very flexible matching platform allowing to pre-screen candidates versus jobs. It returns a skills based matching score including a GAP analyses of the candidate.

xMP Semantic Mind is an integrated platform for semantic search and semantic matching applications. As such it provides the following functionality :

- extraction (or CVparsing) of both vacancies and candidate profiles (CV's)
- automatic classification of profiles (vacancies and candidates)
- semantic search in the local system and in external sources
- semantic matching of candidates with jobs and/or jobs with candidates
- autosuggestion of jobs
- autosuggestion of candidates
- data analytics of candidates records and vacancies/jobs (provided as Tableau reports)

Actonomy xMP Match & Hire


Integrated matching plug-in for ATS systems


Categories: Analytics & reporting (incl. Compliance) Assessement & Testing Engagement/Recognition/Sensing/Culture Recruitment (incl. Applicant Tracking - ATS)



Actonomy provides flexible and high quality search and matching technology based on artificial intelligence and linguistic processing. Actonomy's solutions are packaged as easy to use and flexible API's or as ready to use plug-ins for commonly known ATS systems.