Syfadis Experience

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Syfadis Experience is a powerfull LMS system customizable to very large companies with more than 170.000 users

Syfadis Experience is a powerfull LMS platform that support numerous of new technologies. We have more than 300 european customers with more than 3 million end users, that are very satisfied with Syfadis Experience.
It is a full web based solution, available from any device in HTML 5 with responsive design, many automatization features, classroom training, E-Learning, gamification, testing, evaluations, back office and front office learning catalog, working with several roles, financial module, and many additionnal features.

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Categories: Onboarding Self-Service Portal Talent Management / Learning & Training Career management



Experts in Digital Learning.
LCMS system: tt performance suite to create IT and non-IT e-Learnings, online knowledge data base, performance support with Quick Access, etc.
LMS system: FuturSkill: Syfadis Experience: Delivered by Mannpower Group.
Bookboon Corporate e-Library from the biggest eBook publisher in the world